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Missa olet paha poika?

I have a flair for dramatics

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A not so sociable wannabe who loves meeting new people
anime, ankhs, art, baseball bats, blue blowpops, boots, bunnies, cheese, cigarette smoke, clouds, comics, corsets, dark chocolate, dissect dissect dissect, donuts, dreamcatchers, early morning humor, f'cking good games, fireflies, fishnets, formaldehyde humor, garter belts, geeks, giggles, gothic kewpie dolls, gothic lolitas, graphic novels, guitar hero, interesting/weird/clever/kinky/funny conversations, knee high socks, knives, lace, literature, mel brooks, meow meows, mint candy, naughty whips, neruda, nightmare before christmas, palahnuik, pandas, penguins, piercings, pink mushrooms, poe, polkadots, pretest nervous laughter, rawrs, retards, ribbons, sarcasm, scandals, shiny objects, soccer, spankin' (lol), stalker moments, strawberries, stripes, sugar, swirls, tarantino flicks, the yumminess of valo, things that go boom!, toys, vandalism, violence, voices in my head